Finding the right graphic designer can be a frustrating task. They all seem to be offering the same things, so how do you know which one is right for you? These are the things that we do best:

Corporate communications

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is especially difficult for service-oriented businesses or those operating in highly saturated markets. From the initial development of a corporate identity including logo and stationery, through to ongoing communications, marketing and advertising to customers, staff and suppliers, Bluekat Creative can help you to create a strong brand and promote your business effectively with consistency, creativity and continuous improvement. 

Investor relations

Bluekat Creative is highly respected for our expertise in this field. Publicly listed companies have regulatory obligations for communicating with existing and potential shareholders, as well as a need to consider and involve other key stakeholders. Bluekat Creative can assist with ensuring compliance and delivering the right message in everything from your initial prospectus, to market updates, quarterly and annual reporting, investor presentations and trade shows.


Good publication designers are not easy to come by, but at Bluekat we pride ourselves on our publication work. We make attention to detail a priority, creating attractive and functional layouts, and typesetting with precision. Our clients value our proofreading and editing skills – we check the documents we work on thoroughly to ensure consistency and accuracy, and amend or highlight errors so the final document is as close to perfect as it can get. We also have a reputation for our fast turnaround and willingness to go the extra mile to meet a deadline.

Project management

We are not a one-stop shop. While we have experience and capability in a range of design and design-related services including document formatting, marketing strategy, copywriting, illustration and web design, as well as an understanding of printing, multi-media and web development, we also recognise that sometimes our clients need assistance in these areas beyond what we can offer in-house. We have developed strong relationships with experts in these fields to ensure that we can involve or recommend the right people for the job so that even on large scale or diverse projects our clients can trust us to deliver. Maintaining a business model that is lean and focused on what we do best, and bringing in other brilliant people to support us when necessary, enables us to tailor our services to best suit our clients’ needs and ensure they’re getting value for money.